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Solutions - sur mesure / Custom design

tarif rates edi dispatch shipping transport invoicing mobile ios android tablette répartition taux

Création de solutions sur mesure pour gérer vos tâches opérationelles et administratives à partir de votre ordinateur, tablette, application web ou appareil mobile

Solution custom design to manage operational and administartive tasks from your computer, tablet, web portal and mobile device 

Gestion de transport / TMS Transportation solution

tarif rates edi dispatch shipping transport invoicing mobile ios android tablette répartition taux

Avec 30 ans d'expérience dans l'industrie du transport MSB Solution offre la solution la plus performante pour gérer tous les aspects du service de transport - tarification, numérisation, facturation, répartition, ventes et plus encore!

With 30 years of experience in the transportation industry MSB Solution offers the most powerful solution to manage all aspect of transportation needs - rating, imaging, invoicing, dispatch, sales and much more! 

Écomomique et fiable / Affordable and reliable

tarif rates edi dispatch shipping transport invoicing mobile ios android tablette répartition taux

Nous offrons une variété d'options de paiement qui s'adapte à tous les budgets, tout en offrant un produit à la hauteur de vos attentes en plus d'être fiable et toujours à la fine pointe de la technologie

We offer a variety of payment option suitable for all budjet while providing a reliable product adapted to latest and available technologies!


Ron King - Central Island Distributors

Our staff find that MSB has an appealing and distinctive look that makes it easier to read and separates it from the usual spreadsheet look.

We have continued to grow and utilize the system more and more effectively every year. Support is always knowledgeable, insightful and readily available.


Craig Skene - Coastal Transportation & Storage

Integrating MSB TMS software allowed us to reduce time consuming duties and re-invest our resources in more productive tasks.  We achieve high level of accurate auto-rating, automate and quickly transmit our invoices which speed up our receivable process.

Requests for customization of MSB TMS to meet our requirements and needs were achieved within reasonable time as well.

MSB TMS provides a reliable product and always performs within our expectations.  


Joe Vero - Isaac Freight

I looked at many alternatives and was unable to find transportation software that met all our requirements until I found MSB.

Martin provided hands on training and tailored the original software to meet our specific operational needs. I am happy to say, the end result has greatly exceeded my expectations. Thanks Martin!




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